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About Benjamin Durham

Benjamin was raised in Southern California, the oldest of 8 children. He studied Spanish Translation in college after living in Venezuela and embracing the language and culture of South America. His interest in criminal law was sparked while attending law school at Brigham Young University. He knew long before law school that he wanted to represent individuals rather than work for big business or government, so criminal defense was a natural calling. Benjamin Durham has been practicing law for more than a decade and has extensive courtroom experience in both the federal and state courts. He has represented defendants in all types of criminal cases, including high-level drug trafficking, sexual assault, and murder. In the course of his career, Benjamin has defended several high-profile prosecutions in Las Vegas, including such defendants as the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, Aryan Warriors, and Rolling 60's Crips.

Ben has represented me on several various cases, usually traffic related, and has always provided fast, efficient, and exceptionally favorable outcomes. He has always been candid regarding legal practicality, which has lead to fair resolutions. I have referred Ben to all who’ve needed such services. I have been a client for over five years, and am pleased with the customer service of his staff, and their reliability!